Demo Directory

This is an example of using the header and footer files within a directory to annotate the directory listing. This part comes from the "header" file. The "footer" file is displayed at the bottom (read what it says down there too!). To see what a directory without a header and footer file looks like, go to the Goodies subdirectory. If you are an HTML fan, look at the source text for this document with your browser. A new feature in WebSite 1.1 is the table format listing. Narrow the window of your browser to about 4 inches to see what happens! You can also view this in the older fixed-pitch format, and switch back to table format.
 Name                   Last modified     Size  Description

 Parent Directory       21-Feb-07 10:48      -  Back to the demonstration
 Goodies                21-Feb-07 10:48      -  Directory without headers & footers
 NoBrowse               21-Feb-07 10:48      -  Directory with browsing disabled
 A Sample.html          12-Nov-94 18:51    <1K  A Sample Hypertext Document
 note.gif               26-Jun-96 19:25    <1K  Check this out! 
 Rubout.txt             26-Jun-96 19:25    <1K  text/plain

This is a "footer" file located within this directory. It can be used to add supplemental information that doesn't fit within the heading area.

Some things to note about the above display:

Finally, the address shown below is a "mailto" link. If the footer is a plain text file, or you have no footer for a directory, a mailto link to the server administrator is automatically generated. This footer file is an HTML document, and the mailto link is part of the footer. The server does not generate one if the footer is HTML. Click it and see what happens. Depending on your browser, your results may vary.